Below is a list of Conny Janksy’s published books. Each one has a detailed book page with more information and links where to get copies of the books.

A Donkey’s Diary: Animal Farm Reloaded

Seventy-five years after the publication of Orwell’s satirical fable, it’s story time again! So, welcome to the Free World where everyone will live happily ever after… right?

Published: April 2020

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Two Cats and a Chicken Shop Mystery

At times of crisis, everyone was waiting for a miracle. A miracle that was about to happen…

Published: December 2012

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Dos gatos y el misterio del Mercado de la Cebada

En momentos de crisis, se estaba esperando un milagro. Un milagro que estaba a punto de ocurrir…

Publicado en septiembre 2014

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