Conny Jansky

About the author

Conny Jansky was born in Austria where she studied International Development Studies as well as Business Informatics. After working and living in several countries, she moved to Madrid, Spain, where she has been living since 2009.

Arriving at one of the hotspots of financial turmoil, she was inspired to write her first novel Two Cats and a Chicken Shop Mystery which was published in 2012. The story recounts real events from the peak of ‘la crisis’ and fuses them with fictional references to Spanish history and contemporary mythology that were inspired by research on sociology of miracles. The Spanish translation of the novel, Dos gatos y el misterio del Mercado de la Cebada, was published in 2014.

Her latest work takes up George Orwell’s famous Animal Farm (1945) and continues its plot as a historical review of modern industrial societies with a sarcastic interpretation of the myth of perpetual growth in the context of the ongoing climate crisis and mass extinction of species. A Donkey’s Diary: Animal Farm Reloaded was written in free-range conditions and published during the coronavirus lockdown in spring 2020 during which the author currently continues to develop her next story on social change during times of historic transformation.

Photo credit: Olmo Calvo
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